Your Cruise Vacation Packing Guide

You wanted to visit a distant place and enjoy all its perks, but your friend or boyfriend and you couldn’t just agree on one. What do you do? You choose a cruise. It’s the perfect way to visit as many attractive destinations as possible and still experience life on board of a cruise. However, cruises are not like other vacations, be sure of that. You will be seeing many different locations, and that is why your Instagram account needs to be lit.

In order to do that and not spam your followers, you really need to choose carefully which places you will post, and most importantly, what clothes you will be taking with you for the photo shooting. Of course, fashion is not only important for the purpose of Instagram, but for your overall look and confidence. Here is a list of essentials you need to consider before you start packing for a cruise vacation.

For Nights Out

You are on a ship, but don’t let that fool you - you will be going out to clubs or pubs of different sorts. Cruise ships offer a wide range of different night activities, and having a good outfit for each of these is simply a must. The first thing you need to make sure is that you have enough night attires. So, pack a couple of dresses (make sure to include the little white dress – LWDs never go out of fashion) and a couple of your favourite pairs of shoes. However, sometimes you need to be a bit different, and that is why packing very elegant pants and a shirt is definitely something that you should do.

Once you are there, you can experiment with your look and your fashion. Don’t forget to bring something long-sleeved, as you never know what the weather on the ocean will be like. For a bit chilly weather conditions, you can opt for the classic leather jacket or a trench coat, and if you really want to be very fashionable, choose a PVC see-through jacket so that everyone can see the amazing shirt you’re wearing underneath.

For Hot Days

You will carefully choose your cruise destination, and it is with the same care that you should choose the clothes, especially the swimwear which you will be needing daily. First, make sure you browse through the most beautiful one-piece luxury swimwear to find the perfect bathing suit for your cruise. You should never go on a cruise with an old swimming suit in your luggage. Moreover, have all the beach accessories with you, and choose them wisely. You will be swimming either in the ocean or in the swimming pool, and you’ll probably spend a great deal of your day outside in the sun, so always be prepared. A big sun hat is a must, as well as a pair of high-quality glasses and a nice beach bag. A quick tip: Before you set off, know the colour palette you will be using so that you can combine everything much more easily.

For Casual Days

However, you won’t be wearing your swimwear when you go sightseeing to your next destination, will you? That is why having a couple of shorts and bunch of minimalist t-shirts would be a perfect choice. Minimalist t-shirts (monochromatic with a simple print – millennial pink is our choice) are the best – they are extremely fashionable and still can be combined very easily with the rest of your attire. Also, don’t forget to bring comfortable shoes for all those hours of walking and exploring the exotic places you’re about to see. Don’t forget the most fashionable accessories – bring with you the best summer bracelets and signature necklaces so that your outfit is on fleek.

For Sporty Days

Whenever you feel like doing sports on a cruise ship, you will definitely hit the gym or have another form of workout, so, have in mind that you’ll also need proper clothes for exercising. Unless you’re a very sporty person, you won’t be exercising that much, but having two or three sporty outfits in your baggage will do. Athleisure is a trend that is huge right now, and the good thing is that you can wear it even when you’re not exercising, so you know your outfit won’t go to waste. You can always wear it the next day for a casual cup of coffee.

Going on a cruise vacation is already great as it is, but you should make it an even greater experience by choosing the right clothes. Although your first goal is to have fun and not worry about fashion, why not try to achieve both if you have the chance? Bon voyage and happy Instagramming!

Guest writer Amy Mia Goldsmith 


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