Anti-Age Elixir: Ways to Revive Your Skin

Her skin is like velvet…. This is the first line of the famous A-ha song. The ages have passed and “her” beauty is still described through the description of her skin, her lips, her mouth, and her hair. They seem to resist the influences of fashion and perception of the perfect figure. For centuries we have fought for our right to uncover, and now we have to fight the battle with the Sun, toxins, and time to protect our skin and retain the youthful glow.

The Sun Damage

With half of the planet looking forward to the summer, we have to mention the way this beautiful source of life affects our skin. While natural tan is seen as beautiful in some cultures, it still does not mean you should force it. Avoid using tanning booths and if you must, use self-tanners. The Sun’s UV rays damage the elastic fibers whose purpose is to keep the skin firm. This leads to wrinkles. Have you noticed the age spots on your hands and your face? Your exposure to the Sun is to blame. Try applying sunscreen regularly wherever you are and stay clear of the direct sunlight particularly between 10 am and 3 pm. This will help you preserve elasticity.

Bad habits

We will call the following two “bad habits” as calling them addictions often gets ladies upset. These are the toxins you intentionally consume knowing exactly what they are. We are talking about smoking and alcohol. Cutting down or quitting these two habits will help you preserve your skin quality. Alcohol dehydrates the skin cells leaving them saggy and your face looking washed out. Smoking simply makes your skin cells age faster by depriving it of oxygen and collagen. It results in a dull complexion and deep wrinkles.

Let the science help with anti-aging treatments

Apart from the environmental influences, the rate of the aging of your skin greatly depends on your genetics. If you have tried natural remedies without success, you are looking for fast results, or you find your state to be too extreme, there are solutions available in the field of plastic surgery. Every renowned Sydney plastic surgeon knows that a face-lift is not the only anti-aging treatment and that there are minimally invasive solutions such as injectables and Botox which can also lead to the desired results.

Keep a healthy weight

When it comes to your skin, the best would be to maintain the same weight for years. To keep you and your body happy and healthy, the weight should also be healthy. Eating disorders affect the entire body, including the skin as its largest organ. In addition, if you are constantly struggling with your weight and yo-yo dieting, the skin will try to keep up by stretching and bouncing back to place every time your weight changes. After a while, it will lose elasticity and you will be left with saggy skin. While you are maintaining your weight, try to engage in light workouts most of the days. They will keep the blood pumping which means there will be plenty of oxygen for the skin.

Watch what you eat

While a healthy diet is essential for maintaining the right weight, which is important for the skin, as we have already discussed above, it is also important for proper nutrition. You have noticed that chubby cheeks always seem to be glowing. While we are not all blessed with this natural skin trick, we can also resort to eating healthy fats, combined with all the right vitamins, and natural UV protection to keep our skin glowing. For best effect, eat avocados, walnuts, fatty fish, bell peppers, broccoli etc. Also, don’t forget to drink water regularly to hydrate your skin cells.

Nurture your skin

If you care to keep your skin soft and healthy-looking, you should regularly apply skin treatments. First of all, do not forget to exfoliate. Exfoliating will remove the dead skin and give way to the young skin. You should apply moisturizers regularly for proper hydration. You can also treat your skin with home-made masks or specialized anti-age creams. Before you start using the anti-age creams, you should probably discuss them first with your dermatologist.

Your skin deserves as much attention as any other organ in your body. It is not all about the aesthetics. Looking youthful can often help you feel youthful and you can age gracefully, with wisdom, while still preserving the elasticity and the glow you had in your twenties.

Guest writer: Helen Bradford