#MustSee: Manolo Blahnik -The Art Of Shoes-

manolo blahnik exposicion madrid
(image via fourseasonsmag)

Since Tuesday you can visit the exhibition of the Canarian designer Manolo Blahnik at the Museo de Artes Decorativas of Madrid. The exposition it's divided into 10 rooms that guide us through different stage of his career showing 212 pairs of shoes, sketches, photographs and some inspiration pieces.
For those who want to visit it, could do so until March 8th. Here's the timetable:
Tuesday to Saturday from 9:30 to 15:00hs.
Sunday from 10:00 to 15:00hs.
On the evening on Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 17:00 to 20:00hs.

ES: El pasado martes se inauguró en el Museo de Artes Decorativas de Madrid la exposición del diseñador canario Manolo Blahnik. La muestra está dividida en 10 salas que nos guían a través de las diferentes etapas de su carrera donde se exhiben 212 pares de zapatos, bocetos, fotografías y algunos objetos de inspiración.
Para los que deseen visitarla podrán hacerlo hasta el 8 de Marzo de 2018 en estos horarios:
Martes a sábados de 9.30 a 15:00hs.Domingos de 10:00 a 15:00hs.Aperturas de tarde: jueves, viernes y sábado de 17:00 a 20:00hs. 

manolo blahnik diseñador de zapatos
manolo blahnik shoe designer
manolo blahnik muestra madrid españa


  1. Manolo Blahnik is an icon inthe shoe design industry. I love all his designs and styles. This is amazing that you see the sketches and the shoes themselves! What an experience! xoxo, Christine

  2. I love these.Some great shoes there.They look so beautiful.

  3. Such a neat exhibition! Have always wanted a pair of his shoes. :)

  4. This looks fab! I'd love to visit one day.

  5. I LOVE THIS, I like visiting places like this. I will have to visit one day.

  6. I actually love the ones with the roses. They are so lovely.

  7. Estuve allí y lo conocí, es un hombre entrañable, lo adoro! Sus zapatos son mis joyas!

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