How To Master The Art Of Layering

When temperatures go low the layers of clothes increase, however, this doesn't mean you can't look stylish. Here are a few simple tips to master the art of layering and enhance your outfit to the fullest.

ES: Las temperaturas descienden y la ropa aumenta, sin embargo, podemos lucir elegantes. Aquí les dejo algunos tips para dominar el arte del layering y poder aprovechar al máximo cualquier outfit.

Let's go back to school, guys! This is the easiest way to start in the world of layering. First, put on a long piece that will act as a base, then a shorter one (which can be open or close, both works just as fine) and finally throw on a coat or jacket as a third layer et voilà! you are ready to go.

ES: Para iniciar en el mundo del layering la regla de tres es su mejor aliada. Primero coloca una prenda larga como base, luego una más corta que puede ser abierta o cerrada y, por último, un abrigo o una chaqueta como tercera capa ¡et violà! ya estás listas para salir.

When it comes to layering textures are key. Play with different materials to make the most out of your outfit, even if you are wearing head to toes black.

ES: En el layering las texturas son clave, por eso animate a jugar con distintos materiales para realzar tu outfit y hacerlo más cautivante, incluso si vistes de negro de pies a cabeza.

Maintaining a harmonious shape is one of the most important things to do when layering clothes. If you are wearing lots of tops, a pair of skinny jeans or a skirt is the best choice for your bottom.

ES: Mantener una figura armoniosa es crucial a la hora de superponer capas. Si planeas usar varios tops, unos skinny jeans o una falda tubo son las mejores opciones para vestir tus piernas.

Another way to keep the balance is defining your figure by adding a belt on your waist at the top of the second or third layer, which will define your silhouette.

ES: Otra manera de mantener el balance es marcar la figura añadiendo un cinturón en la parte media del torso luego de la segunda o tercera capa, lo que definirá tu silueta.

If you are new to layering and don't know what to pair with what, start by wearing different shades of a particular colour or neutral tones, dare to mix several textures and pick one printed piece to end up with a winner outfit.

ES: Si recién comienzas con el layering y no sabes qué prendas combinar entre sí, empieza con los distintos tonos de un color en particular o con neutros, atrévete a mezclar varias texturas y elige una prenda estampada para obtener un outfit ganador.

Summer clothing can be useful for winter too, put on a sweater on top of a dress or just a turtleneck underneath for an instant seasonal change.

ES: La ropa de verano también nos sirve en invierno, coloquen un sweater encima de un vestido o una camisa con cuello tortuga por debajo para un cambio de estación instantáneo.

EXTRA TIP: Layering doesn't have to be always on your upper body, you can do it on you bottom part by adding socks over your tights, high knee socks over your knee-boots or fishnets under your ripped pants (one of the trends for this season according to Instagram).

ES: El layering también se puede aplicar a la parte inferior del cuerpo. Puedes hacerlo superponiendo medias de algodón sobre unas de nylon, bucaneras debajo de unas botas de caña alta o medias de red bajo unos jeans con roturas (una de las tendencias para esta temporada).

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  1. Layering is so key in in the winter. These are really helpful tips, especially the rule of three!

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  5. These looks are so great! Sometimes, I layer clothes and it ends up looking real bulky. What's the solution for that, you think? Buy different sized shirts vs. sweaters?


    1. Hi Greta! That is something that's very common when it comes to layering but fortunately, there's a solution. In order to avoid looking bulky start with a tight layer, then add another one a little more loose to finally end up with a coat or oversized jacket.

      Hope it helps gorgeous!
      Have a nice week!

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