How To Look Chic In a White Tee (Summer Edition)

One of the basic pieces that must be in your closet is the white tee, it is truly versatile and we can wear it from day to night. However, it is not the typical top we choose to go to the office or to any other semi-formal occasion because we tend to relate it with a more casual style, especially in summer when wearing layers is not an option. But it all depends on how we style it!

ES: Si de básicos hablamos la simple remera blanca ocupa uno de los primeros lugares, es súper versátil y la podemos usar tanto en el día como en la noche. Sin embargo, y sin darnos cuenta, muchas veces a la hora de vestirnos  para una salida formal o ir a la oficina no la elegimos porque tendemos a relacionarla con algo casual, pero todo depende de cómo la combinemos.

Here I show you some examples of how can you wear it:
* Pair it with black shorts, slip-on and a medium-size bag for an extra casual look.
* A pair of jeans, a blazer, heels, and an elegant hat with red lips are ideal for going out at night.
* For the more romantic ones, a long floral skirt, sandals and matchy sunglasses is a cute option to consider.
* If you are print lover combine it with a mini or a pair of shorts and a bag of the same shade.
* White-on-white is very popular right now, and Kendal Jenner is just one of the many it-girls that have joined this trend.
* It just takes a midi skirt and heels to be ready for work.
* Add a pop of colour with a scarf, a plaid shirt or a bold pair of shoes.
* Sometimes it's all about the accessories.
* Y some others, big sunglasses, heels and an updo hairstyle is just what you need.
Finally, as always, I bring you my version. This time, it is quite a minimalistic look being the only extra touches the golden buckles belt that I bought at H&M and my black stilettos. 
So, what do you think? Do you already know how to wear it? Here I leave you a few more just in case: 1, 2, 3, 4  
Easy, right?

ES: Aquí les traigo algunos ejemplos sobre cómo podemos usarla para distintas ocasiones lo que queda del verano:
* Shorts negros, panchas y una cartera de tamaño medio para un look extra casual.
* Jeans, blazer, zapatos de taco, un sombrero elegante y labios rojos son ideales para salir por la noche.
* Para las más románticas, falda larga floreada, con sandalias y anteojos al tono es una linda opción a tener en cuenta.
* Si sos amante de los estampados combinala con una mini o shorts y cartera del mismo tono.
* El blanco sobre blanco está muy de moda, y no lo digo sólo yo, Kendel Jenner es tan sólo una de la tantas it-girls que se sumaron a esta tendencia.
* Para ir al trabajo basta que nos pongamos una midi recta y tacones que ya estamos listas.
* Añadile un toque de color con un pañuelo, camisa a cuadros por encima o con unos zapatos llamativos. 
* A veces los accesorios deben ser la estrella.
* Y otras en cambio basta con buenos anteojos de sol, tacos y un recogido.
Por último, como siempre, les traigo mi versión. Esta vez es de tipo minimalista siendo el único  gran detalle el cinturón de hebillas doradas que compré en H&M y para darle un toque extra me puse zapatos de tacos y doblé la botamanga del jean.
¿Qué les parece?  ¿Ya saben cómo combinarla? Aquí les doy algunas más por las dudas: 1, 2, 3, 4 
Y?  Fácil, verdad?


  1. You have provided some great ways to wear a white tee. I agree with you that it is a staple in any closet and it is amazing that it works in all of the looks you have described! I love your minimalist approach to the look. I usually pair a white tee with a pair of jeans and slip on sneakers. But I love the midi skirt option for making it work appropriate.

    Jessica @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  2. So pretty! Love this simple look!

  3. LOVE THIS!! It's so easy to forget about a simple white tee in your closet but they really are crucial for clean, put together looks.

    xx 365Hangers

  4. Fabulous classic look, loving the belt too!

  5. You really look lovely, beautiful and chic! I love white tees and yes, with jeans and some heels, I think it looks great! The belt and the shoes look amazing! Great suggestions!

  6. Estas muy guapa y el look es ideal
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  8. LOVE THIS LOOK! It's simple yet chic. I also love the design of your belt! :D


  9. Nice spring post, dear!

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  12. You look very chic.
    And that belt looks cool.

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  13. Gorgeous! Love the belt

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  15. Constance, I love a great white tee... it is so versatile... these are great options.. ;-)

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  19. You are so lovely and chic, perfect look! I like your jeans and your belt so much!
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  27. beautiful, never under-estimate the power of solid basics! love you blog, so happy to have 'met'

  28. Yo uso muchisimo las remeras blancas. Las uso para todas las ocasiones.
    Me gusta mucho tu outfit. El cintoes muy original!
    Obsessed Fashion Blog

  29. You look gorgeous! I love to dress in good basics too :) Thanks for your visit and comment!
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  30. I LIVE in white tees. LOVE the photos and LOVE your look!

  31. Simple but so pretty outfit! :)
    Sometimes less means more! :))

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