What's Each Colour Corrector For?

Concealers are a key product in our makeup routine when we want to cover imperfections, illuminate or define our face. For that, there are several colours and each one plays a specific role. Below, I explain what's each one for so the next time you do your makeup your skin look flawless.

ES: Los correctores son un producto clave en nuestra rutina de maquillaje cuando queremos ocultar imperfecciones, iluminar el rostro o definirlo. Para eso existen varios colores y cada uno cumple una función específica. A continuación te explico para qué sirve cada color así la próxima vez que te maquilles luzcas radiante.

WHITE: Illuminates and highlights any part of our face. We should never apply it on pimples or any other imperfection we want to hide.

YELLOW: It's great for the purple areas like dark-circles or bruises.

PINK/LILA: They illuminate olive skin, green circles and are perfect to cover moles.

GREEN: If you have pimples or rosacea this is definitely your corrector as it helps to dimi…

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